MAY 2020

When the present SARS-CoV-2 crisis began it worried us to think that we would probably not be able to use our knowledge and labs to help to mitigate the effects of this terrible pandemic.

However, a few weeks after being confined and working from home, the LIC company got in touch with us and we were invited to take part in a research project aimed at developing new disinfection techniques for railway carriages, airplanes and buses.

We have now signed an R&D&i contract with LIC and, even though we are going to be a little outside our comfort zone, we are happy to accept this new challenge and to have the opportunity of participating in reducing the pandemic’s effects.

The new disinfection technique is based on generating ozone-saturated atmospheres. Our job will be to submit train, airplane and bus furnishings to numerous high ozone concentration cycles, followed by a series of tests on the specimen materials in our labs to find out how their durability and mechanical properties stand up to high ozone concentrations.