Here we include some recent presentations at congresses, workshops and invited lectures of the work we are doing.

November 2020

Presentation at FIB Symposium 2020 (Online).
Testing of full-size concrete buildings structures under sudden column removal.
Research funded by: BBVA foundation and LIC.

January 2020

Invited lecture at the 1st SIRMA Workshop at the University of Vigo.
Large-scale testing and monitoring for resilient buildings and bridges.

October 2019

Presentation at CoRASS2019 (Coimbra 2019).
Experimental research on progressive collapse assessment of RC building structures under corner-column failure scenarios.
Research funded by: BBVA Foundation and LIC.

July 2019

Presentation given at the ICITECH to publicise the current projects of Building Resilient and Calsens.

April 2019

Talk given to those who attended the second test on the specimen building.
Research financed by the BBVA Foundation and LIC.

September 2018

Presentation by Manuel Buitrago for this PhD Thesis.

June 2018

Presentation at the Cinpar Congress 2018 (Florence 2018).
Masonry cross vaults subjected to settlements in the supports.
Experimental and computational research.
Research funded by: the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, MAPEI, CALSENS, Grupo Puma, and LIC.

May 2018

Presentation at the Structural Faults and Repair Congress (Edinburgh 2018).
Robustness of buildings under construction.
Design and use of structural fuses (load limiters) to avoid shoring system failures in buildings under construction.
Research funded by: the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, Valencia Regional Government, Alsina Formworks, and LIC.

September 2017

Presentation at the IF CRASC’17 Congress (Milan 2017).
Using numerical models for the analysis of structural failure.
A review of recent articles published in the Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities (ASCE).